Industry Leading Results

  • Why hire processors when you can hire sales people that make you money!
  • We average a 47% fix/deletion rate for the very 1st round alone.
  • Meticulous data entry allows you to know exactly what is going on with your clients.
  • Any update that is processed will initiate an email to your clients from your company.
  • No more inundating processing.

Client Management

  • Manage your entire client base within an easy to use search panel.
  • Documented detailed entries on client files. Clients get emailed instantly upon entry. Instant Professionalism.
  • Track status such as Active, Pending, Completed, Canceled, Scheduled Overdue for results and even payment issues.
  • Manage company from any internet connection!

User/Employee Management

  • Create an unlimited number of Admin users.
  • Set customized authority levels based on employee’s access needs. Restrict to just client support or give full access, sales only, etc.

Automated Email & SMS/Text Message Notifications

  • Each entry in the Credit Repair Process section results in a summary email being sent to your client, as well as any referral partner tracking the status.
  • Set each automated email to remind user of login credentials.
  • Clients set in an NSF status get periodic emails reminding them to resolve payment problems.
  • System automatically sends customized welcome emails to any Client, Prospect, Broker or Affiliate upon account creation.
  • Clients can receive automatic SMS/Text message notification with account updates.

24/7 Online Access for Clients

  • Have your clients login to track the status of their account.
  • Eliminate 80% client support phone calls.
  • Referral partners can login separately to track their pipeline or commissions earned.

Robust Sales CRM

  • Keep an unlimited amount of leads in your system.
  • Sales people can setup appointments with the built in follow-up system.
  • Each sales person has his/her own Calendar system. Appointments are stored by user.
  • Track which leads came from which referral source
  • Keep detailed notes on conversations had with prospective clients. Sales notes allow multiple sales people to contact leads without calling multiple times per day, since they can see when the last time they were called and what was talked about.
  • Each note is date stamped and has the name of the sales person that entered it.
  • Convert lead into Single or Joint client with a few clicks.
  • Have personalized, timed emails go out to your leads on the day they were enrolled (optional Autoresponder upgrade)
  • Referral partners can login separately to track their pipeline or commissions earned.

Affiliate Management

  • Keep track of your affiliate referrals and what each has earned and what has been paid out.
  • Affiliates can login and see what leads have converted and what was earned.
  • Sales notes are viewable by Affiliate so they are motivated to refer more business.
  • Assign a different commission to different affiliates.
  • Maximize your sales force by offering an affiliate program.

Revolutionary Broker Portal

  • Under one login, the broker can see ALL clients referred to you and the status of each.
  • Utilizing our optional Replicated Lead Capture Page system, your brokers can submit prospects directly into your Lead Management System, ensuring the prospective client stays with the broker the entire time.
  • Ability to tie affiliates to brokers so that every client submitted by the broker can result in a commission to the Affiliate.
  • Automatic email notifications to your brokers each time a client’s account has been updated.

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