Web Based vs PC Installed

Benefits of Online Credit Repair Software

Before 2004, credit repair software options were very limited. Most, if not all, viable options needed to be installed on a local computer. There were several limitations to this “old fashioned” way of conducting business with credit repair software, including, but not limited to, obsolescence, difficult to update, ability to access, security and several other items. Delivering updates were painstaking, due to the only way of deliverability was software downloads and reinstallations. Rapid software updates were non existing because each PC’s software needed to be updated. The advent of secure online software, commonly known as SAAS (Software as a Service), has significantly changed this, along with many of the other problems that plagued the credit repair software industry.

Since the inception of TrackStar™ software in 2004, updates and upgrades are able to be done seamlessly. With web based software, updates are done automatically, whether it is during business hours or while you are sleeping! More importantly, they are accessible on any machine with internet access without any messy installs or manual local updates. Additionally, with downloadable, required installation credit repair software, it is very expensive to maintain the hardware, servers and infrastructures needed to successfully run a credit repair business. In contrast, with TrackStar™ online credit repair business software, there are no hardware costs, maintenance costs, and nuisance costs like virus software and dedicated machines. TrackStar™ online credit repair business software allows you to have instant access to entire business operations from anywhere in the world, without expensive networking costs. Credit repair companies can now rapidly expand, allow employees to work at home with powerful user access, and utilize the base resources available once your business is setup in a flexible environment.

Critics of web based software will focus on security, data protection and being able to own the actual software as their primary discussion points. Unfortunately, those argument points are severely flawed. For example, the security of TrackStar™ online credit repair business software is unmatched and undisputed. It is the same level of security provided by banks and government agencies.

TrackStar™ servers are housed in one of the largest, secure data centers in the world. Access to these data centers is protected 24 hours a day. In order to gain entry into the data center all personnel must pass through two-factor authentication barriers. A Northern Proximity security badge is required for entry/exit on all data center doors in the facility. Shifts patrol the data center and facility area regularly, and motion-sensitive cameras throughout the facilities track all data center activity.

Does your office have that kind of security?

Computers and servers that are owned and managed privately are an easy target for even the lowest grade hacker. TrackStar™ online credit repair business software is the undisputed, most secure web based software solution available today.

See TrackStar™ in action!

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