How does the billing work? How do I pay?

You will be auto debited from an account you put on file.

Do I pay extra for the affiliate, prospect or broker systems?

You do not pay for affiliates, prospects or brokers in the system. You can keep an unlimited number of each at no cost.

Can I automate my dispute letters?

Absolutely! One of the many benefits is not having to manually write letters that you use on a regular basis. The process has been automated while keeping a unique feel letter to each letter. TrackStar™ is the best credit repair software ever created.

How much does this cost?

There is a system setup and a monthly fee based on your company volume. Please visit our pricing page for detailed information.

Will other companies be able to see my data?

Absolutely NOT. Each system is developed on your own domain, hosted on our servers. It is impossible for another company to come across your data since they are not even in the same database. The Credit Repair Office does not cut corners on quality of the security or programming. TrackStar™ is the undisputed, most secure system available.

Can I see a demo of the system?

Of course, a guided tour of the credit repair software is required before you can use the TrackStar™ system. Schedule a Guided Tour and we will walk through a live demonstration of the credit repair software and what it can do or you.

Who should use TrackStar™ credit repair business software?

From one person shops to 100 employee corporations, TrackStar™ is for you. If you take your business seriously, the only logical choice is TrackStar™.

Why is TrackStar™ the best solution for my company?

TrackStar™ will always be the best solution out there because it was developed by a Credit Repair Company FOR Credit Repair Companies. We upgrade our system weekly and in most cases daily with features based on suggestions from our users. We have skilled programmers on staff; not outsourced, and new features are developed within a matter of hours. Other companies, for example, have to hire outside programmers to design software and takes them an average of six months to implement a customer suggestion.

As an example, our Demand Draft processing upgrade, a MAJOR upgrade which allows you to take checks over the phone and print them from your system (even do recurring billing), took approximately 4 hours to develop. From Start to Finish! Try getting that skill somewhere else!

Is there training involved?

Yes, once your account is setup we can schedule a training for you and your employees. Please ensure that all personnel that will have access to the credit repair software will be available for training, unless they will be trained by you after.

How can I tell if a client is overdue with sending in their results?

When you draft new correspondence to the credit bureaus, there is a field on the Client Status Sheet that asks you for the no later than date you expect your client will send you the results. Once the date reaches the date you put in that field, their account goes red if you have not scheduled them for another round.

So my clients will be automatically updated via emails?

Yes, each time an update is made in the “Credit Repair Process” section, an email is sent out to your client to the email address on file, letting them know of the update, where they can login and what their username and password is.

No more sending manual email updates to your referral partners and clients! They are automated!

How easy is it to integrate my existing dispute letters?

With our letter generating system you can easily convert those over. If you have them in Word, most Word documents contain a lot of unnecessary coding and our system will automatically check for it and remove that inundating code.

Can my sales people keep track of their leads and followup appointments?

Absolutely. With our robust Prospect Management System with Outlook Integration, you can keep detailed sales notes on each prospect, who called the prospect and when they call the prospect. You can even schedule appointments and have timed emails sent out to your prospects at specific days of the month. With proper prospect management you will maximize your sales. AUTOMATION!

What about replicated lead capture pages?

The built in lead management system works in conjunction with lead capture pages. It requires an extra domain name, and when a lead is submitted by one of your brokers or affiliates, it is automatically listed in your lead management system to call.

We also have several optional upgrades as well as a slew of features that other companies simply cannot offer you.

Our system has, and always will be, based on Company Feedback. Many people provide ideas for improvements, and we are constantly adding new features. You can’t beat our quality of service and custom work.

See TrackStar™ in action!

Schedule a guided tour with one of our credit repair industry “gurus” so you can fully appreciate the power and speed of our TrackStar™ credit repair tracking software. We’ll also be able answer any questions you may have so you can make an informed decision. Or call us at (480) 535-5640 to discuss a solution that’s custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.