Credit Repair Software Reviews:

“Hello. I’d like to take a quick moment to recommend TrackStar for their services. I think that they’ve really been instrumental in helping me grow my business over the last 9 months I’ve been on board with them. I used to do my own processing in house where I would spend a lot of time going through paperwork. What I found was the busier I got the more time I was spending doing the processing piece of the business, the less I had to actually do sales and marketing. In the credit repair business, if you’re not constantly in front of your partners, or advertising, or figuring out a strategy to bolster your business you’re going to be dead in the water pretty quick. So I realized this and really wanted to come up with a good clean solution. So what I did is I started looking at different solutions that are out there and I came across them and really thought they had a solid offering all the way from their web interface to track clients and cases to the fact that they were a strong outfit as far as doing the processing on the backend. I signed up with them; I have to say that I was really happy that I made the decision to go with TrackStar for the fact that they’ve really just taken the ball and run with the processing side of my business. Now I can focus on doing what I do best, which is the sales side of business. I’ve been able to grow my business by three fold in a very short period of time. So anyone who’s looking for a good outfit to do processing for them for their credit repair business I highly recommend trackstar”

“Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I’m really pleased with all the upgrades you’ve done to the Tracker (TrackStar™) in the last year. I’m really excited about the Autoresponder; it’s definitely one of my favorite features. I’ve been able to keep my same conversion rate with the Autoresponders with a lot less phone calls, and I’ve also setup a series of closing emails to go out to my prospects over the course of the first 35 days and I’ve had a great response from those. I’ve also setup a series of emails for my clients and that has decreased the number of customer service calls by half. What I’m really excited about now is the new Web CMS that you’ve put on there and I’m looking for some really creative ways to use that as well. I’ve been using the Tracker (TrackStar™) since 2006 and you’ve always exceeded my expectations. I really do appreciate that you listen to what your customers want and you implement our ideas regularly. So keep up the good work; I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with all of the new features. Have a great day!”

“Just wanted to congratulate TrackStar for their pretty amazing software. We’ve been shopping around for a new software option for quite a while. Our company’s located out of Boston Massachusetts. We are a full service credit restoration service and I want to congratulate them on an amazing technology. We did the tour, we purchased the upgrades and we went through the details of it and bang for buck, best technology. Bang for your buck, best service, most options and what we liked about is was the fact that it allows us to give better services to our clients. Aside from managing and sending letters and giving us alarms, it allows us to give better service with all the client and affiliate updates. I think this tool, I’m very confident, is going to be something that is going to add much more than a couple of zeros per month compared to what the actual cost is. Thank you, TrackStar and congratulations on a great service and for the product you’ve given us…”

“I’ve seen numerous online client tracking software programs, but only a few were worthy of examination. In the 14 years we have been in the business of helping people restore their credit, I have never seen anything that compares to the TrackStar system. It is very easy to see that in the creation and development of this software program it truly shines. If you are serious about the credit repair business then I strongly encourage you to align yourself with an online tracking system, because today, it’s expected. If you’re serious about having the competitive edge, there’s only one on the market and that’s the Tracker (TrackStar™)…..And if you’re not plugged into the Tracker (TrackStar™), then you’re not in the game.”

“I cannot say enough good things about the online system. It’s very user friendly and is constantly improving by adding new tools and features. My Mortgage Brokers LOVE being able to login and track their referred Clients’ results. This has allowed me to build strong relationships that will continue to send me streams of business for years to come. I especially like how my Clients get automatic courtesy emails, updating them on results or reminding them to send in results if too much time has past. My business practically runs itself so I can focus my time and energy on marketing, which is what I should be doing. Thank you!”

“…I just wanted to let you know your credit repair system if terrific! It is easy to navigate, the clients are very pleased with the fast service, and my loan officers love being able to generate more income! With the economy in a slump it is getting harder and harder to close loans. I have many loan officers that are now able to send their clients through the credit repair, raise their scores, and then close the client’s loan that they couldn’t close before due to bad credit! It means more loans and more revenue for my loan officers. Even better than that, it is very rewarding to be able to help a client regain their credit and be able to get the loan they need. That’s benefit is even bringing in referrals now!”

“The administrative features, client features as well as Broker features for our referring partners is well beyond anything I have seen that is available in the Industry. Additionally, I appreciate that (TrackStar) is constantly improving the program features and software by adding new tools and features. I continue to receive compliments as to the proactive stance of our company based on the emails that are generated each time there is an update with our clients profile. With all parties involved being emailed with updates and our courtesy calls, we have grown our referring relationships and have been able to help other professionals secure relationships and grow their database, with partners as well as clients!”

“I took my time before I made the big decision on who to work with – and I am very glad that I did! I was initially very impressed by the software program – it does it all – the addition of the demand draft program solved a book-keeping nightmare! I made the right decision by partnering with (TrackStar) – they have the integrity and professionalism that I insisted upon – and are on the cutting edge of this growth industry!”

“I called many other companies and was very unimpressed, one company was charging $25,000 and had nothing but negatives written about them on the internet. Then I found TrackStar. The software is very user friendly and all of my clients, affiliates and Brokers have increased business because of it.”

“Our favorite feature in the software, every client is at our finger tips and we can give them updates immediately and we can relay information to our clients. There software is cutting edge and without them our company would be in trouble. Thanks to you for all your help in helping us grow our credit repair company. Thanks!”

“You will be blown away. TrackStar has incorporated everything you need. State of the art web based marketing tools; client, prospect & affiliate tracking and communications; detailed pipeline status with an action log on each client, and much, much more.”

“I am fond of the check drafting option we have, as this will help create residual cash flow that I now control without any additional fees created to do so. Overall, I am pleased to have chosen to do business with you guys.”

“The simple online logins make it easy for the client to see what is actually being removed. If it weren’t for TrackStar we would still be behind the times and BEHIND our competitors”

“The complete web site package that Trackstar offers with an easy to use back office makes the whole program very broker / affiliate / client friendly.”

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