Payment Processing

Credit Repair Payments

Demand Draft
Demand Draft has been around for a very long time and is the most convenient and least expensive option available. Simply gather a voided check from the client and get a written authorization to draft a check from their bank account and recurring billing has just become easy.

  • No processing fees!
  • No gateway fees!
  • No monthly minimums!
  • No rolling reserves!
  • No discount rates or percentages!
  • No chasing monthly payments!
  • No Monthly Invoices!

Simply purchase check paper, load it into your printer, and use TrackStar’s integrated demand draft feature to click, print, and deposit. It’s that easy!

Credit Repair Merchant Account

Credit Card Processing
We know running your Credit Repair Business efficiently is important to you. One of the key areas of attention is of course your revenue. Particularly the amount that is taken out for Credit Card processing fees. Since the Credit Repair Industry is considered ‘high-risk’ (thanks to a few bad apples) those processing fees can add up. But what do you do when a consumer wants to use their Credit or Debit card because it’s convenient, tell them no? Probably not.

Introducing TrackStar in-house Merchant Services powered by Base Commerce, your go-to destination for high-risk merchant services.

TrackStar is now able to offer in-house high-risk merchant services powered by Base Commerce, a veteran of the merchant processing industry. Together we’ve come up with simple, pass-through pricing. This allows us to pass on the same low rates we receive to you.

What makes you guys different?
Merchant services is not our core business, therefore we don’t look at it the same way other companies would. We take the approach as we always do, through the eyes of our clients and users. We did this to help our clients, improve our automation and provide more stability for your revenues.

Is there an application or integration fee?
Nope. We’re happy to provide the application process at no cost. The integration to your TrackStar account is handled by us, again at no cost to you.

What if I’ve never had a merchant account before?
No problem, we help clients all the time who are new to merchant services. We have an in-house program specifically for startups.

What if I already have a high-risk merchant account?
We can most likely beat your rates, but you also need to take into consideration the risks of only having one merchant account to run your business. You wouldn’t try to operate a shipping company with just one Semi, would you? If it’s not able to operate, you would have no way to generate revenue.

What Gateway can I use?
TrackStar is fully integrated with both and Handling all your subscriptions locally allows for fewer costs with these gateways when you use our integration.

What if I leave TrackStar?
Well, we would really miss you but this account is yours regardless of what software your business is utilizing.

Want to learn more?
Grab your statement, if you have one and call us at 480-535-5640 or submit your request on our contact us form to receive a call from us.

Ready to apply?
Great, new or existing companies can visit our Online Application Here. We’ll verify the application and send you a link for your review. Nothing happens until you are ready to move forward.

What are you waiting for?

Our team of credit repair business experts is available to coach you through the process of starting your very own credit repair company. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you be successful.