Your Own Database

You have your own system, why would you want to share with someone else?

Your System Is In It’s Own Database

Unlike 90% of the options available, we develop your system on your own domain. Your system does not use the same SQL tables as another company. When shopping around, make sure you ask about this as this could prove detrimental to the stability and security of your company and your client’s data.

Some prospective clients wonder why we don’t have a free trial period or a money back guarantee policy. It is because we develop each system once under contract that we cannot offer such things. If you were just another company next to hundreds of other companies in the same table with a “one click account creation” then we could absolutely give away free service. However there is an actual setup that occurs using our system and it is mandatory if you’re desiring a secure and robust network to have your company rely on. It is impossible to be up and running in 5 minutes with our solution since each company’s system is developed in the order it is placed on the production schedule.

Some of the competitor credit repair business software options that have been developed years after TrackStar™ will claim file segregation when this not entirely true. Of course, by default you are assigned an account ID that tells the system to only pull up your clients, otherwise when you logged in every client in the database would show up! However that is not really having your own system as your clients are in the same “tables” as another company using the same system.

Here are just some of the huge inherent issues with not having your own database when it comes to credit repair business software:

  1. In the event a programmer forgets that nasty “where clause” that tells the system to only pull up clients where client id = “Your client id” your data is viewed by other users that log in. This is more common then you think. An average page inside a credit repair business software application has nearly a half dozen queries. It just takes one of those queries to have the wrong syntax or even just forget a simple “quote”.
  2. You are forced to log in at one centralized domain or IP address, revealing to all of your clients, referral partners and employees that you are using a 3rd party system, allowing them to circumvent you and go directly to the source. Why work for you when they can start their own credit repair company?
  3. Long, waiting queries! TrackStar™ credit repair business software has remained the fastest and most efficient software in part by our strict, professional policy of segregated databases. Instead of doing a search for “John” as a client and only searching through your clients, not having your own database means the query has to look at every single record inside the “client” table! That is every company, every client of the non segregated table software company. Multiply your query (1) by the number of companies using the same credit repair business software and that is how much extra time it will take to produce a result. If 100 companies are using the software, your queries will take 100 times longer. That’s not efficient!
  4. You’re not private labeled. Piggybacking on Item #2 above, obviously you will not have a private labeled solution.

Why TrackStar™ is the #1 Choice in Software for Credit Repair Companies:

Your Own Database

You have your own system, why share with someone else? Learn more…

Domain Names

Clients and referral partners don’t leave your site—ever. Learn more…

Private Labeled

Our brand is not for your clients—yours is. Learn more…

Custom Portal Pages

Unlimited custom portal pages for your clients, referral partners, and affiliates. Learn more…

Unmatched Experience

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