Why Credit Repair?

The credit industry, as a whole, is one of the most powerful and profitable industries in existence. With loans, insurance and even employment taking into consideration individuals’ credit pictures, the credit industry is getting bigger every day.

Inside the credit industry, Credit Services is helping by assisting consumers with getting back on track; removing unverifiable and inaccurate negative items from their credit reports. As a CSO (Credit Service Organization), you can benefit in being in a profitable industry and helping clients with their futures.

The key benefit of outsourcing your processing to us through our DisputeAgent™ program is that we lead the industry in results and streamlined systems—allowing you to capitalize on our methods without being burdened with the inundating paperwork that comes along with this industry.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

The FCRA holds credit bureaus and creditors to their reporting methods and has guidelines they must comply with. There are numerous techniques that are used along with similar laws to maximize results for each client.

Credit Repair Organizations Act

Just like the FCRA, the CROA hold credit repair companies to specific guidelines as well. If you choose The Credit Repair Office for your backend processing, we will ensure you maintain compliance.

Applicable State Laws

Depending on the state you wish to conduct business in, you may have a state Credit Services Organizations act to comply with. For your convenience we have complied a list of known state laws. This is informational only and it is recommended you verify that these state laws apply to you and are accurate.

Credit Repair Laws By State

If you are an existing company, you most likely will already know your state laws.

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