“I’m an existing company and ever since I started working with Jason my Account Executive, my business has been easy to manage. My business is growing now more than ever since we can focus on reciting people for credit repair while trackstar focuses on our clients. My Account Executive has been a wonderful person to work with. He is patient, informative, and very helpful & supportive. I am pleased to have a service availably to metropolitan credit solution. THANKS for everything!!!

My brokers LOVE being able to login and track their referred Clients’ results. This has allowed me to build strong relationships that will continue to send me business for years to come. I especially like how my Clients get automatic courtesy emails, updating them on results or reminding them to send in results if too much time has past. My business practically runs itself so I can focus my time and energy on marketing, which is what I should be doing. Thank you trackstar, and my Account Executive, for all your help to make me successful.”

“Every since I started working with Jason my Account Executive, my business has been easy to manage. Our business is growing now more than ever since we can focus on the Company while trackstar focuses on our clients. My Account Executive has been a wonderful person to deal with. He is patient, informative with our staff, and very helpful. I am pleased to have a service availably to us. THANKS!!!

The software, demand draft, has helped our company maintain our client’s monthly fee. It has also boosted our sales tremendously in a short period of time. The software is easy and simple to use. No more sending clients invoices & payment reminders over & over. Now we just send out a receipt that payment has been made. THANKS AGAIN!!!”

“As a small business owner I realized quickly that my time would be divided between sales, marketing, billing, advertising, client follow up and at least fifty other tasks in a single day. Providing credit repair for clients requires strict organization, expediency, and detailed knowledge of the laws governing credit repair. That requires a dedication of time that simply isn’t available. I tried for several months to provide all services in house but almost always felt like I was drowning and could never catch up to all the work that needed to be completed. Utilizing their outsourcing program was one of the smartest things I’ve done for my company. The staff is more than efficient; support help is unmatched; disputes are drafted within 24 hours of receipt and my year old company has the appearance, backing and strength of a company that is solidly moving forward into its fifth year. I think most importantly, it has allowed me to breathe again and get back to the business of running my business, not feeling trapped by it. Not only would I recommend the outsourcing program I believe it is the solution for credit repair businesses to allow their companies to grow to new levels.”

“We are so thrilled with our independent credit repair company, part of the Trackstar family and have already begun to see a steady cash flow from our operations. The service is in such demand these days and trackstar makes it very easy to process. Uploading a file and tracking the progress couldn’t be easier! And if we have any questions at all, you are extremely prompt in getting back to us or providing the answers right then and there. It is really comforting knowing that trackstar is in this with us. Our success is truly important to you. We are very happy we went with trackstar. In a complex industry sector like the financial sector, choosing trackstar as a partner in credit repair has proven to be one of our smarter moves!”

“We are an existing CSO. They have be an integral part of our company’s success. We are very happy with the service the platform offers our clients and our business. Trackstar handles everything for us all we have to do go out and recruit clients to get their credit repaired. Our favorite feature is the tracking software every client is at our finger tips and we can give them updates immediatly and we can relay information to our clients. There software is cutting edge and without them our company would be in trouble. Thanks for all your help in helping us grow our credit repair company. Thanks Trackstar!”

“Up until last year, I owned a large mortgage company in upstate NY of over 125 employees. As many other companies, we got hit hard during the mortgage industry crash and had to close our doors. I was stuck in a position with thousands of leads and customers that couldn’t get qualified for anything. I decided to start looking for a way to capitalize on my left over resources and help people in the process. I called many other Credit repair companies and was very unimpressed, one west coast based company was charging $15,000 and had nothing but negatives written about them on the internet. Then I found Trackstar. They helped me to get started at the beginning of this year and it has been great, I have not only mad great money helping people to repair their credit, but I have refinanced 8 of them and helped 6 Buy houses that would have never qualified with the new guidelines. The software is very user friendly and all of my clients, affiliates and Brokers have increased business because of it.

With the help of the outsourcing, I have put myself in a position to not only make a great living, but to help people that would otherwise have been forgotten.”

“Talk about “exceeding expectations!” The trackstar credit repair system (and team) gives new meaning to the phrase.

I’ve been in the mortgage business over 22 years. A year ago, as the mortgage crisis worsened, I began trying to find a way to help clients who needed a better credit profile in order to get a mortgage. Fortunately for both me and my clients, I stumbled on trackstar. After a year of experience, I can honestly say the success rate is 100% and client satisfaction is through the roof. All of my clients have seen significant improvements, and some have experienced breath taking jumps in their credit scores, even on the first round!

From Day One you can be sure your “back office” has you covered. They will execute their part of the job seamlessly, with precision, on time, and with total consistency. All you have to do is SELL the service! Just sign people up, collect the money, and send them the paperwork they need to get started. If you simply focus on selling the service, you will make lots of money, the work will get done, and you will never have to worry about unhappy customers.

Although I got into it as a part timer, I now realize this is an excellent full time business opportunity. (Frankly, these days it’s probably a better business than the mortgage business!) You could easily make six figures in the first year with a minimal investment of money. How many opportunities like this exist these days? What you must invest is your time – SELL, SELL, SELL & SELL some more! Ultimately, what you are selling is the professionalism of trackstar, which is why this really rocks as a business opportunity.

Have the company’s best account rep, Jason (OK, maybe I’m a little biased) take you on a guided tour of your future web-based administrative back office. You will be blown away. TrackStar has incorporated everything you need. State of the art web based marketing tools; client, prospect & affiliate tracking and communications; detailed pipeline status with an action log on each client, and much, much more. Once you choose a domain name, they can have your website live in about 5 minutes. Literally a computer, a printer and a phone are the only tools you need to make this thing soar. Do I recommend you sign up with them? You’ve got to be kidding! What are you waiting for?”

“I used to sell cars for a living. I started to send my clients to trackstar for credit repair, because of the fact that 4 out of five of my clients did not qualify for financing. The overwhelming need for worthwhile credit repair companies is apparent all across America and I now have the opportunity to help those people. I am loving my new credit service organization and trackstar has helped so much along the way. The key to my success has definitley been the prospect tracker software provided along with their excellent results for my clients.”

“We are an existing company that has been in the credit industry for years and has struggled with today’s credit issues. We use to process our own credit repair and disputing ourselves until we found trackstar. We did our research o line and decided to go with them, and WOW we are glad we did. Since we started using trackstar our customer service has been faster and more reliable due to the EXTREMLEY quick response to the negative credit items and the easy online access our clients have to review their credit status. The simple online logins make it easy for the client to see what is actually being removed. We are most pleased with our account manager, he is always prompt with assistance and is very helpful on all levels. He is knowledgeable about his product and company and he never passes the buck when it comes to technical issues, he handles it himself. In summary, if it weren’t for trackstar we would still be behind the times and BEHIND our competitors”

“We have been brokering unsecured loans since 2002. We have just recently signed on with trackstar to complement our current business, as we see a large percentage of clients with bad credit. We compared trackstar to several of other credit repair companies and after reviewing the programs available we found that trackstar had the best program and surprisingly at the best price/ value of the programs out there.

Other factors that we liked is that all we have to do very minimal, therefore allowing us to use credit repair to compliment our core business. The complete web site package that trackstar offers with an easy to use back office makes the whole program very broker / affiliate / client friendly.

“I have been in the credit restoration business for more than a year now and the first comment I’d like to make is about Matt, my company representative. Matt is a great asset to this company, he is attentive all the time, and always able to assist when an issue arises. He has a CAN DO attitude, and has always carries himself professionally with any situation I’ve presented to him. TrackStar has helped me with their programs and knowledge of this industry and will always work with me to succeed in business. I am fond of the new check drafting option we now have, as this will help create residual cash flow that I now control without any additional fees created to do so. Overall, I am pleased to have chosen to do business with trackstar and Matt and really look forward to great year.”

“My most important criteria was to find a company that I could trust – one that I could rely on that to ensure that my customers receive absolute value and service. I am naturally skeptical and put my rep, Matthew, through his paces before becoming a CSO! He responded to all of my questions with professionalism and patience – and comprehensively addressed my concerns. I took my time before I made the big decision to work with trackstar – and I am very glad that I did! I was initially very impressed by the software program – it does it all – the addition of the demand draft program solved a book-keeping nightmare! I made the right decision by partnering with trackstar – they have the integrity and professionalism that I insisted upon – and are on the cutting edge of this growth industry!”

“We have entered into an agreement with your company to provide “back office” assistance for our Credit Repair business. We have been absolutely delighted with the response and assistance thus far in our relationship.”

We would recommend others who own Credit Repair businesses, to subscribe to your service. We would even take personal reference calls from anyone you would direct to us for the purpose of making a personal recommendation.

Our relationship thus far has been exceptional and we look forward to continuing a long lasting business relationship. To further emphasize this, we are now opening our second office, just because the support we have been given has been so great”

“I have been outsourcing for 1 month shy of a year and can honestly state, that I have been completely satisfied with the support, direction, advice, feedback, software, as well as the results that trackstar has been able to obtain for my clients and referring partners!”

As a former Loan Originator, I had always known of the need for effective and affordable credit repair solutions however, could not find a company that was proactive in keeping me consistently updated as to my clients progress and then turning them back over to me once the credit repair process was complete or once the client was ready to obtain financing. I continued to find that in more cases than not, I was not able to effectively cross sell the individuals back to my referring partners or accurately determine their progress while in the credit repair programs. It goes without saying that in most cases, once these clients were ready for financing I would never hear from them again, nor would I be able to successfully cross sell them back to the original referring agent.

The administrative features, client features as well as Broker features for our referring partners is well beyond anything I have seen that is available in the Industry. Additionally, I appreciate that trackstar is constantly improving the program features and software by adding new tools and features. I continue to receive compliments as to the proactive stance of our company based on the emails that are generated each time there is an update with our clients profile. With all parties involved being emailed with updates and our courtesy calls, we have grown our referring relationships and have been able to help other professionals secure relationships and grow their database, with partners as well as clients!

There is no doubt based on the current volatility of our market and need for effective and affordable credit repair services, making this move when I did was the best thing for my business and my family. This business adventure has provided me stability in a volatile market and has been self rewarding. I appreciate my Account Executive and the entire Support Team at TrackStar. It goes without saying that I look forward to continuing my relationship for many years to come.”

“Six years in the mortgage industry has taught me the importance of educating our clients and offering alternative solutions that may not be available through our competition. So when we started our credit repair company three years ago, we looked for these same ideals.

We standardized on trackstar’s dispute agent outsourcing systems almost a year ago now and they have helped our company to stop politely saying “No” to under qualified applicants,and to start saying “Yes”. Trackstar has helped us gain more applicants, increase our current client’s credit scores, and keep our client’s coming back to us. And, we’re able to track their progress by using the Tracker System!

“The bottom line is that trackstar provides a wonderful tool for us to differentiate ourselves from our competition and most importantly, save our clients money.”

“I just wanted to let you know your credit repair system if terrific! It is easy to navigate, the clients are very pleased with the fast service, and my loan officers love being able to generate more income! With the economy in a slump it is getting harder and harder to close loans. I have many loan officers that are now able to send their clients through the credit repair, raise their scores, and then close the client’s loan that they couldn’t close before due to bad credit! It means more loans and more revenue for my loan officers. Even better than that, it is very rewarding to be able to help a client regain their credit and be able to get the loan they need. That’s benefit is even bringing in referrals now!

Thank you again for providing such a valuable service! We look forward to sending many clients to you and continued success!”

“I have been outsourcing with trackstar for about a year and so far their product and service has been outstanding! My Clients are extremely happy with their results and so am I. Some of my Clients have tried other credit repair companies in the past with very little luck. The fact that this company can fix negative credit and produce deletions where others have tried and failed speaks volumes.”

TrackStar has been extremely helpful in providing needed support, answering the tough questions, and offering valuable advise & solutions. They return my calls and emails promptly. I’m highly impressed with their professionalism.

Also, I cannot say enough good things about the online system. It’s very user friendly and is constantly improving by adding new tools and features. My Mortgage Brokers LOVE being able to login and track their referred Clients’ results. This has allowed me to build strong relationships that will continue to send me streams of business for years to come. I especially like how my Clients get automatic courtesy emails, updating them on results or reminding them to send in results if too much time has past. My business practically runs itself so I can focus my time and energy on marketing, which is what I should be doing. Thank you! Without you, I’d still be working for someone else”

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